Since Oct 2009

Tina Neville

Fun, easy to follow classes for all ages and fitness levels

People first come to class to lose weight.....and lose weight they do.
But that's not why they stay.  
They stay because of the music that makes their hearts sing, the dancing that takes them to their 'happy place' and the amazing friends they make.
Zumba Fitness classes are like nothing else you will ever do.
The music, the moves and the instructor will lift your body, mind and soul and 
you will never be the same again!
You will walk taller. You will walk sexier. You will feel fitter. 
You will look fabulous and you won't look back.
Come and join our friendly, fun, easy-to-follow classes. First class is FREE so just give it a go!

A walk up The Mount with some of our Zumba family Jan 2018                                                       2017 Breast Cancer Fundraiser class

Tina leads the warm up for the 2013 Breast Cancer Pink Walk

Above is our Welcome Bay class Tues/Thurs morning at 9.15am and Thurs eve 7pm

Fundraiser class for Breast Cancer 2012

Zumbathon for the NZ Mental Health Foundation 2012
Including for the first time in NZ ZUMBA SENTAO!
Beautiful Zumba regulars enjoying our party night
Instructors Tina & Lynn on the Boogie Bus

Zumba dancing at our first stop on the Boogie Bus

Retro Party class April 2012

Valentines Day class 2012

Team Zumbalicious at the REAL Womans series 2012 Mt Maunganui. We had first timers doing the triathalon and Duathalon and 5km walk/run. An awesome day!

Zumba Fitness with Tina 2010 @ Boys College

2010 @ Tauranga Boys College

At our first birthday 80's zumba party 2010

Zumba truckie Mark. 

Zumba lovers come in all shapes and sizes!

'Bring a mate in march' brought us a few guys from Environment BOP for a fun class. 2012

Tina's 40th birthday Zumba party August 2011

Zumba party at Armazem Bar 2011

Not only do we like to PARTY in our Zumba Fitness class but we also like to PARTY out and about in Tauranga too! We're a fun social bunch :-)

2nd birthday party & Christmas party ZA Bar 2011

Zumba Boogie Bus party trip 2010